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Fic - Need - Bella/Carlisle


Author: Mrs. Ronald Weasley
Rating: PG-13 or T
Pairing/s: Bella/Carlisle, past Edward/Bella
Category: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Spoilers: New Moon
Warnings: None
Summary: Life. There are certain things in this world that one needs to survive. Bella learns about the simplest thing in life: love.
A/N: For my Twilight20 prompt: Need. Set during New Moon. A little longer than a drabble, sorry about the length, but I think it's more effective that way.

There are some things in life that we need. Simple things: food, water, oxygen...love. The last of those on my list, I had often wondered if it was really necessary. There were many times in history where one lived a full and happy life without a lover, and yet there were others, whom would take their own life after losing that one person who meant everything to them. Was I one of those persons? I’d never imagined so. Before I met Edward, I didn’t think I needed someone to love. Love was something I figured would be nice, but not necessary for one to live. Now, with him gone, it seemed as if my entire life had already ended. And then I’d learned, life was love. Without it, there was nothing. How wrong I’d been to think that I could live without love.

I think that’s why, when he returned, I clung to him. Clung to the only part of my love I had left. It wasn’t Edward, but it was close enough. Carlisle. His sweet scent, the feel of his hard body against mine, the intensity of his kiss. Suddenly, everything about him meant more to me than life. I loved him.

He’d returned to check on me, to make sure I was alright. That was love. His love for me. More love than Edward could provide. “Carlisle, promise me you won’t leave me.” I beg as I savor the lingering taste of his sweet kisses. A taste I longed for, one that I would never forget.

“I promise.” A promise. That was all that one needed.


Lol, thank you!