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Fic - How To Heal A Broken Heart - Original Fiction

How To Heal A Broken Heart - Epilogue

Author: icegirl99

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Mer/Joslyn

Category: Angst/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Suspense/Drama

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Femslash sexual content, mature subject matter, possible slight medical kink

Summary: Mer, a third year medical student is a relationship with her doctor: Joslyn. But when things get complicated for Mer in school because of her past experience with child abuse, Mer shuts down emotionally. Joslyn tries to help her lover through the emotions she’s feeling, until one day, during Mer’s clinical with Joslyn, the hospital ends up on lockdown. Leaving both women to face the terrors and fears of both past and present.

A/N: Short, but a fitting ending in my opinion. This fic has been sitting here for a long time.

Almost a year has gone by and she still haunts her memories. Those long, hot summer nights that they’d spent together never left her mind. Not for one second. Now the autumn days are cool and the nights cold. She lays in her bed thinking about the one she lost on that warm, December day.

She’d found another to love. But it wasn’t the same, it never was. The woman who had been meant for her had been brutally taken from her.

Two long weeks she had stayed in the hospital. Waiting. The news was never good, but she has never lost hope. Until the day the decision was made to let her go.

The months after were a road of ups and downs. Five months after she’d buried her love, she met a man. A kind and caring man who understood all that she had gone through and promised to love and care for her in the way her lover had before.

She loves him, but every time they make love she can’t help but imagine the soft fall of her past lover’s hair on her breasts, her delicate lips on the inside of her thighs, the caress of her hand across her cheek...

The tears now fell from her eyes. Would she ever be able to let her go?